I'm clicking Add to Family, but my child doesn't have a Member ID

The Add to Family button is used to link members who already have Member IDs and is unrelated to the process of getting registered. 

If you are looking to register your swimmer and add them to your parent account, please log into your parent account and navigate to your club's Online Member Registration link. This link is unique to your club. If you have not received this link, please request it from your club directly.

Completing your child's registration using your club's registration link will automatically add them to your dashboard.

If you are looking to register someone who is brand new to USA Swimming, follow these steps. For athlete renewals, go here.

If you are not eligible for a renewal but are a previous SWIMS member, please navigate to your club's OMR link and click the "Add New Role to Existing Member" button on the left side of the page in the Create New Memberships section. 

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