I forgot to create a parent account before registering my child. How do I resolve this?

If you are a parent with a child (or children) under 16 years old, you'll need to create your parent account first and then attach your child (or children) to your account.

If you have set up the parent account using your child's information, you will first need to delete that account: https://usaswimming.thecloudtutorialusers.com/main/articles/1693609365700.

Then you'll be able to go back in and set up your parent account from scratch using your information: https://usaswimming.thecloudtutorialusers.com/main/articles/1662596019661

Going through registration for your child will automatically attach them to your parent account*. To attach them manually, go to your dashboard, click the 'Add to Family' button in the 'My Family' section, and enter their Member ID.

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