How do I delete an account?

If you created an account using your child's information instead of creating a parent account, or if you accidentally created an account without linking your Member ID, you will need to delete your account and start over. 

To delete an account, start by logging in:

Once you are logged in, you will see your 'Member Dashboard':

In that top bar you will see 'Settings' above the 'Education' tab: 

Once you click on the 'Settings' icon, you will then be taken to the 'Delete My Account' page:

Here you will click on the 'Delete My Account' button. This will display a pop-up to confirm you would like to delete this account: 

Once you have clicked the 'Yes' button, you will be logged out of the account. If you attempt to input the Username and Password previously associated with the account and click the 'Login' button, you will see the following error:

This means that the delete was successful and you are now able to use the email that was previously associated with this account to create a new 'Parent Account'.

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