How do I upgrade a membership?

To upgrade a membership (for yourself or your child), log into your account at

To upgrade your own membership, click "General Info" in your My Account section. To upgrade a family member's membership, click "View" next to the family member's name in the 'My Family' section, and then on the following page click "General Info" in the My Account section.

After clicking "General Info" for yourself or your child, you will be taken to the 'View/Edit Member' page. Click on the 'Upgrade' pill and then click the checkbox on the right for the membership you would like to upgrade. At the bottom, click "Upgrade Selected Memberships."

You will be taken to the Shopping Cart. To complete your upgrade, you will pay the difference in price between your original membership and the upgraded membership. Click "Check Out" to begin the payment process. 

Enter your credit card information and then click "Pay" in the bottom right corner. 

You have successfully completed your upgrade! If you wish to confirm that the upgrade was successful, click "General Info" in the My Account section (click View next to your child's name first if the upgrade was for them) and then click on the "Affiliations" pill. Click the down arrow in the Member Affiliations table to view all affiliations. You should see the new member role above the old one with today's date as the Effective Date. 


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