How does an LSC access and approve or reject a new club application?

When a new club submits a request with an LSC the request will appear here. An LSC Admin can then review the request to approve or reject the new club. 

To access a New Club Request:

  1. Login to your USAS account
  2. Click on 'Admin' from the top right navigation options and select 'Workflows' from the dropdown
  3. You will then be taken to the 'Administrative Approvals' page, pictured below, and click 'New Club Registration'.

To approve or reject a meet sanction:

  1. Select the 'LSC - Club Name/Club Code from the table shown below 
  2. Review the 'New Club Registration' by clicking 'Download Application'
  3. Enter any 'Notes' necessary
  4. Select 'Approve' or  'Request Additional Info'

NOTE: Clicking 'Request Additional Info' will send the application back to the club. Once the New Club Application is approved by the LSC, USA Swimming will review the application.

LSC Workflows Tutorials Video

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