How does an LSC approve Registrations?

To approve LSC Registrations:

  1. Login to your USAS account
  2. From the Dashboard, click on 'Admin'  in the upper right-hand corner
  3. Once the dropdown appears, click on 'LSC Management'
  4. Next, select the LSC for which a registration needs approval and click 'Continue'
  5. Once on the Member Administration page, click the 'LSC Registrations' pill
  6. Select the registration year, as well as the start and end dates for the registrations that need approval and click 'Filter'
  7. From here you are able to approve all registrations for a club by selecting the 'LSC Approved?' checkbox
  8. You can also select the down arrow and expand the individual registrations and approve each registration separately 

NOTE: A registration processing immediately when a member registers and pays. This Registration Management screen is simply a way for LSCs to track who has paid them.

LSC Management tutorial

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