How does an LSC access and approve or reject a club transfer?

When an athlete/member completes and submits a request to transfer clubs, their request will appear as an Administrative Approval item for the LSC the athlete is transferring to. An LSC admin can then review the request to reject/approve the transfer. All standard club transfer rules apply from the date of approval.

To access a club transfer:

  1. Login to your USAS account
  2. Click on 'Admin' from the top right navigation options and select 'Workflows' from the dropdown
  3. You will then be taken to the 'Administrative Approvals' page, pictured below, and click 'Member Club Transfer'.


To approve a club transfer:

  1. Select the athlete/member from the table shown below:
  2. Review the request. You are able to override the Last Competition Date, if needed.
  3. From here you are able to approve or reject the request. 

NOTE: Once a transfer is approved, the member is now no longer associated with its previous club. The member will either immediately attach to the new club or will be an Unattached member until the 120 day rule is complete.

 LSC Workflows Tutorial Video

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