How does an LSC access, add, edit, and delete Board of Directors members?

The Board Of Directors Section in LSC Management will allow LSC administrators to assigned registered members to BOD positions in SWIMS. When you assign someone an LSC BOD role, they will be included in specific communications and can receive access to the SWIMS software.

  1. Login to your USAS account
  2. Click on 'Admin' from the top right navigation options and select 'LSC Management' from the dropdown
  3. Next, select the LSC for which a registration season needs to be set up and click 'Continue'
  4. You will then be taken to the 'Member Administration' page, pictured below. Note that you can toggle the grid only display current BOD members.

To add a Board Member:

  1. Click 'Add Board Member'
  2. Select the 'LSC Board Member Role'
  3. Search for the 'Member ID'
  4. Select the toggle for 'No Expiration Date?' (Yes, No)
  5. Enter the 'Effective Date' and 'Expiration Date'
  6. Click 'Save'

To edit a Board Member:

  1. Click the arrow to expand member
  2. Click the 'Edit' icon
  3. Here you can update the 'Expiration Date'

To delete a Board Member:

  1. Click the arrow to expand member
  2. Click the Delete Icon

NOTE:  The deletion of a board member is an expiration of the role. If you delete all member's roles you will need to add them again using Add Board Member

LSC Management Tutorial Video

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