How do I download another team's roster?

1. Log into your account at

2. Click 'NCAA' at the top right of the page. Select 'My Team' from the dropdown. This will take you to your View/Edit Team page.

3. On the View/Edit Team page, click the 'Download Other Team's Roster' pill.

Step 4: Use the text box to search for your opponent.
After clicking 'Download Other Team’s Roster,' a text box will appear. In this text box, type your opponent’s team name. The text box will offer suggestions of possible matches. Click on your opponent’s team name. It will appear with the team’s full name followed by their conference and team abbreviations in parentheses.

If you cannot find your opponent, try searching for variations of their name. In the case above, searching for “University of Alabama” worked. In other cases, using a different format such as “Alabama, University of” may be necessary.

Step 5: Download your opponent’s roster.
Click on your opponent, and an 'Export Current Roster' button will appear. Click this button to download the other team's roster. Your download will appear in your computer’s downloads folder.

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please email

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