Checking Out

If a course has an associated fee, clicking the "Add to cart" button will add the course to the user's USAS University shopping cart, and a cart icon will appear in the upper right-hand corner of the course catalog window. 

Note: this cart is distinct from the site-wide shopping cart, which appears in the right-hand corner of the site header, next to the logout icon. 

Clicking on the cart will open a confirmation dialog box.  Clicking "Yes" will navigate the user to the checkout page.  Clicking "No" will navigate the user back to the course catalog.  

Upon navigating to the checkout page, the user will see an itemized list of the courses in their cart, as well as an option to add a donation to their checkout total and an option to cover the 3.5% credit card transaction fee.  Both of these additions are optional.  

Note: at this time there is no way to remove a course from a user's shopping cart, or to pay for individual courses from the cart.  

Once the shopping cart total has been finalized, clicking "Check Out" will navigate the user to the credit card entry page.  

Entering valid credit card information and clicking "Process Payment" will submit the charges and navigate the user to the "Payment Success" screen.  Clicking "Return" will navigate the user back to the user dashboard, where the transaction will be visible in the "Payment Transactions" field.  

Once the course purchase has been completed, navigating back to the course catalog will direct the user to the "My Courses" view by default, where the purchased courses will now appear.  Expanding the course will now show a "Go to Course" button in place of the "Add to Cart" button.  Clicking this button will direct the user to the USAS University Canvas portal, where course materials can be accessed and completed. 

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