How do I create a parent (i.e. "main") user account?

Parent Account Information:

  • Parents need to create their own "parent" (i.e. "main") account where they can add their children. 
  • A parent/main account is required BEFORE children are registered. It does not matter whether the parent is an Athlete, Official, or neither one. Parents MUST have a parent account before they can register their children. 
  • A parent account is not a membership. It is a SWIMS login. 
  • The parent account exists so that parents can manage their children's information, registrations, and renewals. 
  • The parent account creation process does not include club registration links.
  • Children under the age of 16 are not able to register for themselves. Parents will log into their parent accounts to register their children. 

To create your parent account, first navigate to and click 'Create a Login' in the bottom right corner.

If you have an existing account, set the toggle bar to ‘Yes’ and then click ‘Continue.’ Use the Forgot Username or Forgot Password features to recover your account information via email. If you do not have an existing account, set the toggle bar to ‘No’ and click ‘Continue.’ 

On the next screen, confirm that you are at least 16 years old by setting the toggle bar to ‘Yes,’ and then click ‘Continue.’

On the following screen, enter your user information. *If you have a Member Id, please be sure to enter it in the Member Id field to link your new account to your information already on file (e.g. times, membership history, previous club affiliations, etc.).

On the next page, enter the validation code that was sent to the email address you entered on the previous page. Your new account username will be your email address. Click ‘Submit.' 

After clicking ‘Submit,’ you will be logged into your account. Click ‘Update Contact Information’ to make any necessary changes to your contact info. Click ‘Yes, Contact Information is Correct’ when everything is correct. 

Complete your legal acknowledgements by changing each answer from ‘No’ to ‘Yes.’ Click ‘Continue’ and sign your name. You will be directed to your account dashboard. At this point, you have successfully created your new parent account. Please keep your username (email) and password somewhere safe. Congratulations! 

*If you would now like to get registered or register your children:

From your account dashboard, enter your club's registration link in the search bar and hit 'Enter.' If you do not have your club's registration link, please request this from your club directly. Getting your swimmers registered will automatically add them to the 'My Family' section of your dashboard. For more information on registering new members, click here.

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